Art Deco 10k Gold Baby Ring in Original Celluloid Ring Box

Art Deco 10k Gold Baby Ring in Original Celluloid Ring Box


Still encased in its original Art Deco celluloid ring box, this petit ring has never been worn, but was once gifted to a little girl or baby during the 1930s. This was tradition for upper middle class and wealthy families, often as a keepsake for baptisms or first communions. The ring, though tiny, was a child’s first precious possession, only to be worn on special occasions.

The ring is etched symmetrically with a repeating orange blossom motif. The orange blossom was made most popular by Queen Victoria who wore blooms of the flower on her wedding day. The orange blossom has been greatly symbolic across many nations for many generations: in China, the flower has long been a token of innocence and purity, in Victorian France and England, it symbolized fertility, and in Spain, good fortune. The ring is marked on its interior with the manufacturer’s trademark, an ‘M’ in a horizontally-oriented diamond, as well ‘10k-P’, which indicates 10 karat gold plumb (exact).

The box itself carries its own value, as celluloid ring boxes were all the rage during the Art Deco period, and are highly sought after today. Celluloid was first developed in England in the mid 19th century, and commercialized in 1868 by an American manufacturing company. It grew to popularity around 1900, and was used through the 1940s. This box is lined with an attached burgundy micro-velvet face, in which the ring securely sits. The lid is fashioned with a floral design, impressed with a quad-tulip design in the center and radiating undulations.

Gift to a loved little one in your life as a first communion or birthday gift, as it was originally given nearly 100 years ago. Or, treat yourself to a pristine Deco piece, and use as a gold pendant by sliding the ring on your favorite gold chain of any length. The ring is so dainty that it may also be easily affixed upon a chain by its shank with the right sized chain links. This ring and box set is stunning, a perfect snapshot of time and affection.

  • Maker: Marathon Jewelry Company

  • Material: 10k gold, celluloid, velvet

  • Epoch: 1930s

  • Dimensions: US size .5, less than 1g in weight

  • Procurement: Dallas, Texas

  • Origin: Attleboro, Massachusetts

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